2 comments on “My trips to Indonesia

  1. Well, that’s Jakarta. I wish I can tell a different story, but I think all you said here is true.
    It is what it is. I really hope that Bandung (my hometown) will never be like Jakarta. The trending is not good, though :-(.

    Anyway, hope you have a great visit. Perhaps next time you’ll visit other parts of Indonesia :-).

    • Hi Martosc,

      I think Indonesia is a beautiful country (coming from someone who lives within sight of Mt Rainier and the Washington Cascades) but it breaks my heart to see it neglected and mis-managed for personal profit. (Make no mistake, this happens in the US too.) Just going by what my Indonesian family tells me and what I’ve seen. I missed the Bogor gardens both visits. I only had a quick drive through Bandung, but maybe someday I’ll get to see more of it. Thanks for your comment!

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