Olympia in Black & White

I haven’t really gotten into Apple’s iMovie for a few years. Finding my way around iMovie ’11 with it’s new layout is a learning experience. But when you know what you want to do, it’s only a matter of finding out how to do it. Then there are times you find out something is possible that you hadn’t thought of, and think “Cool! I gotta try that!”

Anyway, here’s a simple video I posted on YouTube of some black and white pictures of my home town. I originally picked one of the short “jingles” included with iMovie as the music, but it was two short to edit into a longer version in GarageBand. So I used a simple guitar recording I did a few years back. Hope you like it!



Infrared photos – Olympia, WA

I took my old Canon Powershot G3 out with the infrared filter on it (cuts all but infrared light from entering the lens) and went to a couple city parks in my home town. When I got back home and started editing my files, I could see that I’ve been spoiled by my DSLRs. I’ve gotten used to seeing a certain level of image quality. My new EOS 7D blows my old EOS 10D away, and this little point & shoot with a tiny CCD sensor can’t match either of them.

Back in 2002, before mirrorless ILC cameras started coming out, the G3 was top of it’s “prosumer” class. After more than ten years, it’s showing its age and has developed some “hot pixels”. As I understand it, a “hot pixel” is one which is always on 100% and doesn’t show medium or dark tones. A “dead pixel”, on the other hand, simply doesn’t pick up any information. The hot pixels are easy to see and fix using a clone tool in the image editor software. Also, the images are extremely noisy sometimes, even at ISO 50. That’s right, the G3’s lowest ISO setting is 50. ¬†Even cameras with smaller sensors like this have come a long way with in-camera noise reduction. These pictures are are RAW files from the G3 and I have not done any noise reduction in software, only contrast and sharpening.

Olympia Brewery - Infrared

Olympia Brewery – Infrared


Sunny Path - Infrared

Sunny Path – Infrared

Capital Lake & I5 - Infrared

Capital Lake & I5 – Infrared

Capital Lake Dock - Infrared

Capital Lake Dock – Infrared

Mt. Rainier - Infrared

Mt. Rainier – Infrared


Olympia Brewery 2 - Infrared

Olympia Brewery 2 – Infrared