The Last Two Months…

I just realized I have not posted anything in two months. It’s been a very busy summer, both at work and at home. Not enough hours in a day.

But part of the busyness was some outings with the family, and I was able to take some pictures with my wonderful Canon EOS 7D I just got this last spring.  First up, the Medieval Village north of Snoqualmie, WA.  Obviously, I was more interested in the archers and sword demonstration instead of the weaving and candle making.

Robin Hood!

Robin Hood!

"Let's test that leather sleeve!"

“Let’s test that leather sleeve!”

Then on the way back home we had to stop at Snoqualmie Falls.  I want to go back after they finish construction of the trail to the lower riverside, so I can take photos from the bottom of the falls. This was a bad time of day, and the sun was hitting at a bad angle causing harsh shadows, but I couldn’t wait around all afternoon so I did the best I could.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

Then last week, I did some more experimenting with my old Canon Powershot G3 and it’s infrared filter. I tried overexposing the images by one or two stops. It does seem to help.  Auto-focusing works well because the focusing sensor is built into the imaging sensor, unlike most digital SLRs, which have a separate, faster AF sensor.  This is why dSLR AF has to be adjusted separately when IR conversions are done on them.

But the metering is calibrated for visible light and only allowing IR light to hit the sensor throws it off. This would not be an issue if the camera was converted for dedicated IR photography, but I’m just throwing a filter on it and taking long exposures on a tripod to get enough IR light through the weak “hot mirror”.  Newer cameras I have simply aren’t sensitive enough to IR to do this.

Woodland Creek Comm. Park - IR

Woodland Creek Comm. Park – IR

Woodland Creek Comm. Park - IR

Woodland Creek Comm. Park – IR

I discovered that overexposing by about 1 stop did help the contrast and tonal range of the original file.  Of course it still needs a significant amount of adjustment to come out like what you see above.  Desaturation, levels, contrast, sharpening, etc.

We’re going to have more rainy weekends in western Washington now that summer is turning into fall, but I will still be looking for opportunities to get out and capture pieces of the world in creative ways.


One thought on “The Last Two Months…

  1. These pictures are amazing! You should “experiment”, “explore” and share it more often to the world – just saying. Kudos for ya!

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