3 comments on “Infrared photos with unconverted dSLR

  1. Have you tried to shoot color IR pictures with the unconverted camera? I see a 720nm filter online at amazon for $77. That is much less than getting the camera converted. I only have one camera body, so I don’t want to render it useless for other types of photography. Thanks

    • Hello Lawrence. If your camera has a color sensor (most do) then all your IR photos will be color to begin with. Doesn’t matter if your camera is converted or not. The trouble is that they are a very saturated magenta (or pinkish red). So a lot of adjustment is required in post processing to get them to the point where it’s even comfortable to look at them. Check out this post on different ways to process IR photos: https://ebgriffith.wordpress.com/2015/12/07/3-ways-to-process-infrared/

      • Thanks for the reply. I am undecided on whether to get the filter or buy a used converted Canon 10d. I will probably be a cheapskate and buy the filter. Thanks for the processing tips. I also have the Canon 6d. I am in my 50’s and this is my first “big boy” camera. Up til now, I have been using point and shooters and cell phone cameras. I have looked at many of the photos you have posted here and really like them. I also appreciate that you put your camera settings and other useful comments on most of them.

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