Infrared with a 12-year-old unconverted camera

Boston Harbor IR

Boston Harbor IR

This afternoon I took a drive near the southern tip of the Puget Sound, looking for good scenes for infrared photos. I took my 12-year-old Canon Powershot G3, which has a relatively weak hot mirror compared to newer cameras, so it’s more sensitive to infrared light. Each exposure takes 1 to 2 seconds with the IR-only filter on. My EOS 10D, which was released 2 years later, takes a good 30 seconds to gather enough infrared light through the filter to make a decent exposure.

Priest Point Park IR

Priest Point Park IR

One of these days, I’ll get an EOS T3 or a Powershot G1X and convert it for infrared. That would be a major boost in image quality. It would also be much easier to get handheld shots. The G3 needs to be on a tripod for every shot.

Driveway IR

Driveway IR


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