Variations of a Scene: NorthPoint Bench

NorthPoint - HDR

NorthPoint – HDR

This place is on the northern most point between East Bay and West Bay in Olympia, Washington, hence the name.  It was very hazy last night, so no spectacular sunset this time. (See “Sunset at North Point” post.)  I did try some triple-exposure HDR photos, and this is one (above).

But  I did start playing with some different looks in NIK Software’s Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2.

NorthPoint - Cool

NorthPoint – Cool

This look may appear a little unnatural. I cooled the colors down and used a graduated neutral density filter.

NorthPoint - Warm

NorthPoint – Warm

This is also a somewhat unnatural but nice looking variation.  I really like the “Pro Contrast” tool and some of the bi-color or graduated filter effects in NIK Color Efex Pro 4.

NorthPoint - Sepia

NorthPoint – Sepia

I used NIK Silver Efex Pro 2 on this version. I wanted to get a very sepia, old-photo look, while still retaining contrast and sharp details. There are a lot of pictures I’ve seen around town and in the capitol building showing what the area used to look like 50 or 100 years ago. Many of them look like this.


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