Cape Disappointment – Part 2, Dead Man’s Cove

This is another unique feature of the Cape Disappointment peninsula:  A small cove just below the lighthouse.  It looks like something right out of Pirates of the Caribbean!  If it weren’t such ugly, overcast weather.

Dead Man's Cove

Dead Man’s Cove

Dead Man's Cove - Old photo treatment

Dead Man’s Cove – Old photo treatment

I was having trouble getting the look I wanted, so I went a completely different direction in NIK Color Efex Pro 4, using the “Old Photo” filter.  It seems appropriate, as this was the end of Lewis and Clark’s expedition to reach the Pacific Coast.


Dead Man's Cove - beach

Dead Man’s Cove – beach

This is a scaled back shot showing more of the beach.  The signs up on the steep hill above say “No beach access”, but there are trails leading down.  I might have been breaking the rules by being down here, but I wasn’t alone.  Even on a Wednesday at 10:30AM, I had to wait for the right moment for people to be out of the shot.

Dead Man's Cove - overlook

Dead Man’s Cove – overlook

This is the view from the cement trail leading to the lighthouse.  It was quite an exercise getting up from the beach!  But I’m out of shape and I don’t know how to take it slow.  So I was puffing like an old steam engine and glad to stop to take another shot.

I was disappointed that it was cloudy weather, but as I mentioned in the previous post, overcast skies evened out the tones.  I just started with dull, flat, low-contrast images.


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