Cape Disappointment – Part 3, Beach/Beards Hollow

Beards Hollow - Cape Disappointment

Beards Hollow – Cape Disappointment

I think this is my favorite photo from this trip.  One thing I’ve learned in the last few months is that landscape photos need “foreground interest”.  I’d always thought that landscapes were all about looking at something distant, so that’s where I focused. But to show depth and make wide shots more interesting, you really need something closer in the bottom of the photo.

Just for comparison, here is the original shot with no editing applied:

Beards Hollow Beach - no editing

Beards Hollow Beach – no editing

Wow! Cameras cannot see the way our eyes do, but post processing works miracles! I got as far as I could in Lightroom, then handed the file over to NIK Color Efex Pro 4 and used the Pro Contrast and Graduated Neutral Density Filter.  This gave the photo a little extra boost that I can’t seem to get in Lightroom without making things look unnatural.

Cape Disappointment Beach

Cape Disappointment Beach

Beards Hollow - Cape Disappointment

Beards Hollow – Cape Disappointment

I climbed high up on the rocks for this shot. Having a sling camera  bag (Kata 3N1-20 DL) on my back and my tripod slung across my back as well allowed me to use both hands for climbing up and down.  I liked my LowePro waist pack, but outgrew it.  Just around the point at the back of the photo is the North Head Lighthouse in my “Part 1” post.

Way to Beards Hollow

Way to Beards Hollow

Here’s something interesting: all of these were shot in the same basic direction, but from different vantage points. If you look closely at the middle of this photo, you’ll see the orange crab shells from the first photo. Just walking (or climbing) around the same area can yield different perspectives on a scene.

This outing also reinforced the lesson for me: Even on grey, cloudy days, you can get great photos.  It doesn’t have to be perfect sunny weather.


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