Digging for gold…

I haven’t posted anything here for a month. Work has been crazy and then we had the Thanksgiving holiday.  But thanks to me eating more sugary pies and cookies than I knew was good for me, I’m home sick from work, and have time to go “digging for gold”.  That’s what I call it when I look through old photos I’ve taken which may not have caught my attention the first time around.  I do more of this in the winter months, since I spend more time indoors.

I know, I’m a wussy.  Another thing I did while being sick was watch some National Geographic and BBC Earth documentaries.  These camera men are out there shooting  in the harshest conditions on the planet, yet I don’t take my camera out when it’s a little wet and chilly outside.  I’m ashamed of myself.

Alright, so what did I find?

Temple of Justice - Washington State

Temple of Justice – Washington State

I shot this in March 2012.  EOS 7D, 17mm, 10 secs @ f/8.0, ISO 100. I probably bypassed it because of the lens flare at bottom left. It was also the “normal” exposure of an HDR set, and sometimes I overlook those as single exposures.  I did not adjust the colors at all because I like the warm/cool contrast of the sky and incandescent lights. I adjusted shadows, highlights, sharpened, and used some distortion adjustments to compensate for the way 17mm optics bowed the pillars near the edges.

Here’s the thing: on an image like this, I could get crazy with raising shadows so every detail is easily discernible. But to me it looks less natural, and I prefer it looks close to the way it did when I was standing there. Some dark shadows are fine.

What a front porch! Because there weren’t any people around, you can’t really see how massive those pillars and doors are.  If you click on the photo to look closer, you can make out the “TEMPLE OF JUSTICE” just above the pillars. Directly behind me when shooting this building is the Washington State Capitol, which shows up in some of my other posts.

Olympia Brewery (abandoned) - Infrared & split-tone

Olympia Brewery (abandoned) – Infrared & split-tone

I took this photo in May 2013 with the old Canon Powershot G3 with an infrared filter over the lens. After converting the overly magenta original image to black & white and doing contrast and sharpening, I worked on a split-tone effect.  This applies one color to highlights and a different color to shadows.  It takes some of the punch and stark contrast out of the simple black & white, but I like the effect.

This building fascinates me because it used to be a brewery where they made and distributed beer. There is a newer building further up the hill, but both have shut down.  It’s part of the earlier history of the town which is no longer functioning, but is still around for us to see.


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