Goose Family Edit

Goose Family - NIK Color Efex Pro 4

Goose Family – NIK Color Efex Pro 4

I shot this family of Canadian geese entering the Henderson Inlet off Puget Sound.  But I have a 6D now instead of my previous 7D.  The full frame sensor does not crop the image from my 200mm lens, so everything appears farther away.  I need a 500mm or 600mm lens for a shot like this, but simply can’t afford one. So it’s nice to have 20 megapixels to crop from in post processing.


Goose Family - no editing

Goose Family – original, no editing

Normally, I’d delete a shot like this on my camera, before ever downloading it to my computer.  But this IS the above photo before I did anything to it.

After a major crop, and basic adjustments in Lightroom, I opened the image in the NIK Software plugin Color Efex Pro 4.  As you can see, there is virtually no color in the original, so I added some using the Bi-Color filter.

I did some pretty heavy adjusting to shadows to get the look in the first photo, and as high quality as NIK software plugins are, they can add digital noise depending on what you do with them.  So you have to watch what’s happening to the shadows and don’t push things too far (to avoid generating too much noise).  Then I’ve learned that after finishing with the NIK plugin, sometimes another round of gentle sharpening and noise reduction can improve things.


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