3 comments on “Mount Elinor

  1. Great photos ~ I’ve yet to climb Elinor when the clouds have covered it as it had in your photos. Awesome. I’ve written a few posts about Elinor ~ the life around her, and the incredible climb it is. My favorite hike (completed a few dozen times)…and different scenes and feeling every time.

    Agree, for such a “short hike” in mileage it is a taxing hike for the body. Cheers to this awesome post – nice to revisit her!

    • Hello Dalo 2013, guess I picked the wrong day for my first time. I’ll have to get some trekking poles (guess I’m getting old), and watch for a truly clear day. I visited your site and your photos are great!

      • Actually, I really like the clouds as you shot them…and would like to hit Elinor again under similar circumstances. On my first post about Ellinor, I too felt it the next day. It is a short hike mileage-wise, but surprisingly very strenuous. Hope to hit it again sometime this year. Cheers!

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