Mount Elinor

Last weekend I hiked Mount Elinor at the southeast corner of the Olympic Mountains.  It was great weather but a little too cloudy to get great views.

Mount Elinor - 19mm, 1/60 @ f/13

Mount Elinor – 19mm, 1/60 @ f/13

This was called a “moderate hike”, but I guess I was not prepared for it.  Getting old and out of shape, or something like that. There’s no break from the incline, and thousands of steps made from logs or rocks.  I powered up the 2,500 feet to the summit okay, but going back down, my knees barely got me back to the car!  I was afraid they were going to give out and I’d fall on the sharp rocks.  I’m going to look at buying some trekking poles!

Mt. Rainier from Mt. Elinor - 200mm, 1/350 @ f/8.0

Mt. Rainier from Mt. Elinor – 200mm, 1/350 @ f/8.0

When shooting something this far away, I don’t mind opening the aperture a little to get a higher shutter speed, which prevents camera shake blur at 200mm. Also, it was so bright that I had to do some serious tweaking in Lightroom to get a result like I saw with my naked eye.

Lake Cushman from Mt. Elinor trail - 20mm, 1/60 @ f/13

Lake Cushman from Mt. Elinor trail – 20mm, 1/60 @ f/13

On the hike back down, this place was almost like those photos that are half under and half over the waterline.  You could see the sky above and the land below the cloud layer.  On the right is Lake Cushman, and the farther body of water is the Hood Canal of the Puget Sound.

While I am disappointed the Olympic peaks and the Puget Sound were covered by clouds, I am glad I finally did this hike. It was beautiful!


3 thoughts on “Mount Elinor

  1. Great photos ~ I’ve yet to climb Elinor when the clouds have covered it as it had in your photos. Awesome. I’ve written a few posts about Elinor ~ the life around her, and the incredible climb it is. My favorite hike (completed a few dozen times)…and different scenes and feeling every time.

    Agree, for such a “short hike” in mileage it is a taxing hike for the body. Cheers to this awesome post – nice to revisit her!

    • Hello Dalo 2013, guess I picked the wrong day for my first time. I’ll have to get some trekking poles (guess I’m getting old), and watch for a truly clear day. I visited your site and your photos are great!

      • Actually, I really like the clouds as you shot them…and would like to hit Elinor again under similar circumstances. On my first post about Ellinor, I too felt it the next day. It is a short hike mileage-wise, but surprisingly very strenuous. Hope to hit it again sometime this year. Cheers!

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