Frosted Fall Leaves

It’s been awhile since I used my “nifty-fifty”, Canon’s EF 50mm f/1.8 II. Last week it frosted over in the backyard, so I set my camera on the back porch and let it cool off. Taking a camera from a warm house into a frozen backyard and trying to shoot immediately is pointless.  The lens and the mirror cloud up with condensation.


The Frosted Edge – 1/60 @ f/6.7

After a few minutes the camera was acclimatized.  I had attached a +4 closeup filter to the 50mm lens, which is a bit like putting a magnifying glass on the front of your lens.  Poor man’s macro.


Frozen Green – 1/20 @ f/6.7

My tactic for these photos was to use manual focus and Live View.  I focused the lens at the minimum distance, then moved the camera closer, watching the screen to see when the right parts were in focus.  As a side note: Learn from my mistake of not paying attention to my shutter speed. 1/20 is too slow! The details in the photo suffer slightly from motion blur.


Fall Frost – 1/125 @ f/6.7

One more observation: I probably could have used f/8 instead of f/6.7. At these extremely close distances, depth of field is incredibly shallow.  Not enough of the leaf is in focus for my taste, but the frosty edge being the only thing sharp is kinda cool too.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!


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