Winter Drops – Part 2


Grass Blade Drops – 50mm, 1/90 @f/8.0 (+10 closeup filter)

I don’t think I’ve used my +10 closeup filter for a couple years.  You have to admit, when a +3 gets you very close to the subject with a very shallow depth of field (see previous post), a +10 is rather extreme!

So I did two things:  1. Instead of setting the lens to the closest focusing distance, I set it to the farthest.  2. Instead of using wide aperture setting like f/2.8, I set the aperture to f/8.0. The combination of these two techniques gives me a depth of the field that isn’t so ridiculously shallow and photos that are better.


Bud Drops – 50mm, 1/90 @f/8.0 (+10 closeup filter)

In spite of it still being winter, the trees in my backyard are trying to bud.  If it freezes, they’re in for a rude awakening!


Rain on Grass Blade – 50mm, 1/60 @ f/8.0 (+10 closeup filter)

Taking these kinds of photos calls for me to dig into basic photographic composition.  You want a more interesting shot? Isolate your subject.  Instead of a clump of grass, which is not very interesting, I angled my lens to get a dark background and vertical lines. Here you can also see the little “hairs” on the edge of the grass blade.


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