Singapore Strait

Here are a couple photos I took a few years back on my trip to Indonesia, where my wife grew up.  My job prevents me from traveling far or long, so any photos I have from overseas are like treasures.


Singapore Strait – 17mm, 1/90 @ f/6.7

These photos were taken from the top of a tower on Sentosa Island.  Out all the years of my life, and the times I might have stood on this spot, this narrow half hour of time provided an amazing sky!  The thing that amazed me was how many ships were out there.  Waiting for space to dock?  Clearing customs?


Singapore Strait – 17mm, 1/90 @ f/6.7

I shot these photos with my old Canon 10D, which I’ve now converted for dedicated infrared photography.  Back in 2009 I was still shooting JPEG with my camera because I didn’t understand RAW format and what it has to offer.

I also left my camera on Program automatic exposure mode.  These days I usually shoot in aperture priority mode, so I can control the depth of field and keep my eye on the shutter speed.


2 thoughts on “Singapore Strait

  1. Yeah, another reason recently? Ships full of oil just sitting in our safe anchorage as floating storage.

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