WA St Capitol & Cattail Crowd


WA State Capitol – 27mm, 3.2 sec @ f/8.0

It’s nasty outside today – high winds and rain.  So when I can’t go on a photo outing on the weekend, the next best thing is digging up old photos and re-processing them.  It’s just a different sort of treasure hunt.

This photo was taken in 2012 with my old Canon 7D.  I drove to the Capitol building after work and set up a tripod just after sunset.  I suppose this would be called the “blue hour”. I liked the lamp standing over the curving path leading to the Capitol building.  It creates depth and makes me feel I could walk down the path when I look at the photo.



Cattail Crowd – 200mm, 1/400 @ f/4.5

This photo isn’t quite as “big”, but when I shot it I was thinking it would be good for a tonal black and white.  But my attempts to do a black and white just looked blah.  The photo didn’t have much color to begin with.  So I’ve used a “Bi-Color Filter” from NIK Color Efex Pro 4, along with some other adjustments.  The cattails are opening up their “fluff” which carries their seeds on the wind.  I just thought it looked neat that they were a different levels and distances, but there is still a band of them running through the middle of the photo.

This photo was also taken with the Canon 7D, and the EF 70-200mm f/4L. It was bright enough to reach 1/400 shutter speed at ISO 100.  This should prevent motion blur, unless your photographing a race car.  Using f/4.5, instead of f/8, helps blur the cattails that are farther back.


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