Park Benches – Infrared

When we got a break from the wind and rain this past week, I took my camera to a nearby park during my lunch hour at work.


Park Bench, Infrared – 17mm, 1/20 @ f/11

I started shooting in color with my Canon 6D, but was very quickly reminded that mid-day sun creates very harsh lighting conditions which look much more appealing in infrared photos.  So I pulled out my Canon 10D, which is now a dedicated IR camera.  In the photo above, you can see the WA State Capitol Building in the background.


Capitol Park Benches, Infrared – 17mm, 1/30 @ f/11

In this photo I did not convert the RAW file to black and white, but the custom white balance setting from the camera automatically reduced Lightroom’s white balance temperature all the way to cool.  It can’t go any lower, so besides contrast and sharpness adjustments, I just reduced the saturation a little and left it alone. It has a bit of a sepia tone look.


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