Deception Pass SP


Deception Pass beach – 29mm, 1/750 @ f/4

This is the beach on the Whidbey Island side of Deception Pass State Park.  I used Bi-Color Filter in NIK Color Efex Pro 4 to add a little color to a nearly monochrome image.  I made a mistake here, but fortunately it didn’t hurt the photo.  I had just been shooting into the shadows and opened the aperture setting to f/4. Shooting into the sun, I should have closed it more, but wasn’t paying attention. The reason it didn’t hurt the picture is that wide angle shots are less susceptible to depth of field difference in sharpness.  Or at least you don’t notice the depth of field effect that is more obvious in zoomed in shots or close up shots.


Deception Pass bridge – 70mm, 1/350 @ f/6.7


Beach Rocks – 300mm, 1/180 @ f/6.7

This shot was taken with my new EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L lens.  I just walked along the beach until I found a colorful combination of stones.  I am learning that different lenses (the different glass elements in them) resolve light, detail, and color a little differently.  This is a sharp lens, as it should be for the price, and it produces vibrant colors while staying neutral without a bias towards warm or cool tones.


Deception Pass East – 17mm, 1/20 @ f/5.6


Deception Pass West – 17mm, 1/250 @ f/8.0

Both the above shots were taken from the bridge over the channel, but facing opposite directions.

This is one of my favorite aspects of photography.  All these photos were taken within about 1/4th of a mile from each other.  I really enjoy visiting a new place and scouting for things that would make good photos.  And with challenging lighting conditions like the one above, there is an extra element of knowing what post processing can do with a RAW image file, exposing for highlights, knowing that some detail will be found in the black shadows.


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