Rosario Point – Infrared


Lone Tree – 26mm, 1/45 @ f/11

This tree is the same one from a couple of my previous posts on Rosario Beach and Deception Pass State Park.  It looks quite different in infrared.  I had to maneuver myself to get an angle where the tree was isolated against the sky.


Urchin Rocks (infrared) – 17mm, 1/10 @ f/11

I took all three photos in this post within a few feet of each other.  It’s a fun challenge to see how many views or compositions I can get from the same area.  Of course, choosing a scenic location to start always helps.


Rosario Point (infrared) – 17mm, 1/30 @ f/11

I’ve said this before, but the biggest challenge with infrared photography is the exposure.  The camera meter is calibrated for the visible light spectrum, and it over exposes shadows and underexposes open areas.  I have to use exposure compensation on almost every shot.


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