PRS SE Zach Myers guitar (SOLD)

I am selling my PRS SE Zach Myers guitar with mixed feelings.  It is gorgeous! But I have other guitars better suited to my playing style, and I’ve only played this a few times.  It’s a great playing guitar and has some unique features.  Anyway, since I took photos to post it for sale, I thought I’d post some here.  I’ll add “Sold” to the title when it sells. These were all taken with my Canon EOS 6D and the EF 35mm f/2 IS lens.


PRS SE Zach Myers – body

The Zach Myers signature model is based on an SE 245. 245 stands for 24.5 inch scale length, which should feel familiar to Les Paul type players.  The Zach Myers model has several features that other SE models (made in Korea) lack.  I’ll show those in the photos.


PRS SE Zach Myers – binding

The body is chambered mahogany.  Chambered means there is a hollowed out section, and it has an f-shape sound hole. Mahogany is a tone wood with a warm resonance.  The top, or cap, is carved maple.  You can see the natural binding strip where it meets the body. The flame top is veneer, but it looks great.  A genuine flamed maple top is only found on guitars costing several times more.


PRS SE Zach Myers – machine heads

The tuners are vintage style typically found on older and more expensive Gibson Les Paul models.  I gotta hand it to World Musical Instruments in Korea, they do a fantastic job.  I’ve had three guitars made by them, and they have incredible quality and playability for import instruments!


PRS SE Zach Myers – bridge

PRS SE models typically have non-adjustable bridges, like my SE Soapbar with P-90 pickups.  So this individually adjustable stop-tail bridge is another bonus.


PRS SE Zach Myers – neck finish

Satin neck finishes are usually found on USA made, and more expensive guitars.  It adds a nice feel and extra playability when sliding your hand up and down the neck while playing.  You can see here where the body is gloss and the neck is satin finished.


PRS SE Zach Myers – inlays

PRS SE models almost always have dot inlays, and the birds are reserved for USA made models costing thousands.  So this is another unique and appealing feature of this particular guitar.


PRS SE Zach Myers semi-hollow guitar

All in all, this is an incredible guitar for the price.  I’d much rather play one of these than an Epiphone Les Paul.  I am asking $600.  If you see this and you’re interested, we can do a transaction through PayPal for buyer/seller protection. It comes with the PRS thickly padded gig bag, original L-tip cable and adjustment tool, and the plastic film is still on the back switch and wiring covers.  I’m going to quit looking at these pictures now before I decide to keep it!


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