Seaside Shutter Speeds


Seaside, OR Beach – 25mm, 30 sec @ f/5.6

First attempt at using a 10-stop neutral density filter for longer shutter speeds.  At 30 seconds, you can see the waves blurred and some movement in the clouds.  This is the longest shutter speed my camera settings allow (hence the f/5.6 aperture instead of f/13).  This was almost 9:00 at night. The camera was on a tripod, then I hand held the ones below.

I should have hooked up my external remote and programed a longer shutter speed of a minute or so, but that requires some simple math to get the same exposure, and I was lazy.  But you don’t get jaw dropping photos by being lazy! Next time! And I’ll find an iPhone app to help me transpo


Seaside Evening – 17mm, 1/30 @ f/9.5

No 10-stop ND filter here and the shutter speed was much faster.  The interesting thing with the longer exposure was the natural vignetting, or the light being more intense in the center of the photo.  This photo has a little, but not as much.


Seaside OR Tide – 17mm, 1/20 @ f/11

Here’s a shift in perspective.  I tried to focus on the drift-logs, snap the picture as the water rushed in, then run to keep my shoes dry.  I got just the right shutter speed so that the closer water shows motion blur, while the waves further out are sharp. Again, this was about 9PM and quite dark, so I was using ISO 1600.

I definitely need more practice with night and long shutter speed photography.  Just haven’t done much of either.


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