Seattle Vistas

I have not posted here for over a month.  After being with my new employer for a year, I’ve been promoted and things have been more hectic and busy.  I’ve managed to get out and shoot a little, but not much time for blog writing.  But work/life balance is important to me, and I MUST continue to find time for the things that are therapeutic and enjoyable.

These are photos I took on a day trip to Seattle.


Gasworks Park HDR

This photo is a true HDR (3 separate exposures combined in software) processed in Aurora HDR Pro.  It’s amazing how long I have lived in Western Washington State and all the places I have still never visited, which are not far away.  This is Gasworks Park on Lake Union.


Lake Union – 40mm, 1/180 @ f/8

From Gasworks Park, the horizon over Lake Union includes the Seattle Space Needle and Downtown buildings.


Lake Union – 88mm, 1/90 at f/8

I really like the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L lens. I was pushing it, hand holding an 88mm shot at 1/90 shutter speed, but thanks to the advanced image stabilization, sharp shot!


View from Kerry Park, Seattle – 104mm, 3 sec @ f/9.5

Another shot with the 70-300mm L lens, this one from Kerry Park later in the evening. I had to crop out the trees and bushes in the bottom of the frame, which gave it a longer aspect ratio.  Times like this I can see the appeal of using a drone to get a little higher and get a better photo than you can from the ground.

I actually took an HDR, 3-shot sequence, but with the Canon 6D, a single shot RAW file (above) turned out better than what I could get with the HDR software.  Maybe because I am still learning about how to get the look I’m after out of the software. In any case, I liked the look of the single exposure edited in Lightroom and Nik Color Efex Pro 4.


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