Iron Creek Falls


Iron Creek Falls – 23mm, 1.5 sec @ f/16

This waterfall is just off of State Hwy 131 from Randle, WA, headed toward Windy Ridge near Mt St Helens.  My brother and I had taken our sports cars out on the twisty road to test their suspensions.  We stopped squealing around corners long enough for me to take these photos.


Iron Creek Falls – 29mm, 1 sec @ f/11

One major principle about landscape photography that I’ve tried to think about when taking these kinds of shots is “foreground interest”.  If I had just zoomed in on the water fall, it would still be a pretty shot, but you wouldn’t get that feeling that you could reach out and pick up one of those rocks, or feel them crunching under your shoes.


Iron Creek Falls – 22mm, 1 sec @ f/16

Another major principle I hold to when visiting a place like this: Explore different angles.  In this case, I had to put my camera away in my backpack, and use both hands to balance on fallen logs over the creek, scramble through brush and over fallen logs to get around to this different perspective.

This is my favorite way to do photography.  Go to a new location, walk around and look at things from different angles, try to spot what would make a good photo.  It’s half treasure hunt, half skill challenge, to see what you can bring home on your memory card.


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