Infrared – Desaturated


Olympia Marina, Infrared – 21mm, 1/30 @ f/11

These are some infrared photos I’ve taken the last couple months.  Lightroom doesn’t have enough latitude on its “Temp” slider to “cool off” a color infrared RAW file to match the camera’s custom white balance settings.  Infrared is well named, because the color is a very dominating magenta-ish red.  It’s easier to just convert to black and white, but I like the sepia tone look I can get leaving them color.


Mighty Tree – 70mm, 1/90 @ f/8

I see this tree every morning on the way to work.  Finally stopped one day and took a shot of it.  So back to Lightroom, since the white balance can only go so far, and the photos are still too red/orange, I get around it by reducing the saturation in the reds and oranges.  I usually have to add contrast with infrared photos, or they look soft and muted.


Cape Disappointment Barracks – 17mm, 1/180 @ f/9.5

These historical buildings are near a lighthouse at Cape Disappointment.  Infrared photos turn a blue sky very dark, so you get much more contrast than normal color photos with objects that reflect infrared radiation.

I like infrared enough that I had an old dSLR converted as a dedicated infrared camera. It’s a way to see the world in a way our eyes don’t.


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