Bryce Dawn


Dawn on Bryce Canyon – 25mm, 0.5 sec @ f/16

I made a point to get to Bryce Canyon for sunset on Saturday and stay overnight for sunrise the next morning.  This photo was taken just after 6:30 AM, and the sun had not quite risen.  Only a few other photographers around the lookout point.  It was actually a lot darker than it looks here.


Bryce Canyon at Sunrise – 24mm, 2 sec @ f/16

Here the sun was just touching the “hoodoos” as it rose past the horizon.  My technique in shooting these shots was to use a tripod, set the camera to “Live View” so I see a preview on the back screen, then magnifying 10 times to focus manually.  Autofocus is pretty good, but not as precise as using this manual method.  When shooting landscapes, you have time to do this. It does not work for sports photography or even weddings.

I also used a wired remote to avoid bumping or shaking the camera with my hands while triggering the shutter.


Evening Rainbow over Bryce Canyon – 16mm, 1/20 @f/8

This photo was taken the night before.  I got to the canyon just as the sun was setting. The clouds hid the sunset, but then I was lucky enough to catch this rainbow.

I think visiting in November was perfect, because not too many people were there, and it was a very comfortable temperature during the day.  Freezing cold at 6 AM!  There were several lookouts along the canyon rim, and I got some great photos from them.  But next post I’ll put up some of the photos I got from down inside the canyon.


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