McLane Nature Trail – Winter

I took a weekend hike at a local wildlife preserve, McLane Creek Nature Trail.  Not a long hike, but I am always amazed at what I find in this part of Washington State in the dead of winter!


McLane Pond – 16mm, 1/350 @ f/5.6

Morning light is always a different quality than afternoon light.  Looks cooler and more fresh.


McLane Boardwalk – 70mm, 1/250 @ f/8

This board walk over the swampy areas was glazed with ice.  I was slipping and skating, trying not to fall and land on my camera backpack. I saw some seniors out walking and warned them.  I know once you get older it doesn’t take much to injure yourself in a fall.  But at the same time, the older people out walking everyday are much, much less likely to be injured in a fall.


Downy Woodpecker – 300mm, 1/90 @ f/8

This little woodpecker was resting not far from the trail.  He was perfectly still and didn’t move a muscle while I had the camera pointed at him.


Dirty Eagle – 300mm, 1/1500 @ f/5.6

This bald eagle was sitting high in a tree above me, his head and tail feathers dirty with mud. I couldn’t tell when I took the photo, but after cropping it in post, I was surprised to see that he was literally keeping an eye on me.


Winter Leaves – 300mm, 1/250 @ f/5.6

This is what I mean, it’s amazing to see so many plants growing in the middle of winter.  But I guess these vines are pretty hardy, and Olympia’s winter isn’t that harsh compared to other northern cities in the United States.


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