Portland Mountains


Mt Hood from Portland, OR – 95mm, 1/45 @ f/8.0

I took a business trip to Portland, Oregon for a couple days in February, and of course brought my camera along.  Didn’t get a lot of great shots, but I like this one of Mt Hood from the hill above the southern downtown area.  These photos were both taken right at sundown.


Mt St Helens from Portland – 146mm, 1/60 @ f/8.0

While Mt Hood is actually in Oregon, Mt St Helens seen in the second photo is in Washington State.  You can see the Willamette River and some of the bridges that span it.

One thing that strikes me from looking at these two photos is that Portland was founded in a relatively large flat area.  Probably by design.  Easy expansion. Ships can reach it from the Pacific Ocean via the Columbia River, but it’s a good hour drive to the ocean so not the most convenient port.

I’ve been on more outings recently, and doing more than just working, eating, and sleeping, so I have some photos to post now.


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