Northwest Trek Predators


Golden Eagle – 300mm, 1/750 @ f/5.6

For those of us who can’t spend thousands on an African Safari, places like Northwest Trek near Eatonville, Washington provide a way to get close to wildlife without spending days in a blind, hoping for something interesting to pass by.  I took the family here a couple weeks ago. My favorite animals are the predators, but because the massive enclosure sizes to let animals roam a bit more than your typical zoo, sometimes it’s hard to see them.


Lynx @ NW Trek – 300mm, 1/250 @ f/5.6

The cats were resting in the back of their enclosures, so even at 300mm I had to crop this photo so much it wouldn’t be worth using for a print.  Still, good lighting and I managed to get their eyes.  Animal photos usually aren’t worth anything unless the eyes are sharp.


Cougar @ NW Trek – 300mm, 1/180 @ f/5.6

Cougars are some of the most graceful, regal, magnificent animals.  Most of the shots I got of this one, his brows shadowed his eyes.  This one shot he tilted his head up to watch a bird and I got the light in his eyes.

Wildlife photography is not my forte, but it’s fun to dabble in it once in awhile.


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