I had some piano lessons at eight years old, played the ukelele a bit at nine, and had six months of guitar lessons at ten. My brain must be wired for guitar. I understand chord progressions, arpeggios, and rhythm while following music notation on a piano keyboard seems next to impossible.

At sixteen, I started writing songs. Since I am a Christian and feel that music is a gift from God, my early songs were ideas that came out of my experience as a Christian and following God’s leading. I wrote about Bible stories and characters as well as my perception of the Christian walk. I also wrote songs about relationships and daily life. I recorded my songs, first on a cassette tape recorder, and later on a digital multi-track machine. I would program drums, bass, strings, and other instruments in a chord-based MIDI sequencer, then play guitar and sing along.

When I got married a lot of the song writing and recording stopped. I still played guitar for church and enjoyment. Now with DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software programs like Garageband and Logic, there are new and exciting ways to make music. I am hoping to get back into this whole creative process, but there is a learning curve and having a family keeps a man busy! Setting up and recording a full-blown song in a DAW is a time consuming, trial and error process. I am hoping to involve my kids (see picture above), as they both seem to enjoy music.

Here are some MP3 files of past recordings:

“Slow Tremolo” is a new instrumental created almost by accident in Apple’s Garageband. I like how it ‘s peaceful and easygoing.


“One Man Out of Two” is an expression of the struggle against our human nature and our desires to do the very things that cost us our lives – sometimes our earthly life, always our eternal life. A closely related Bible passage is Romans 7:15-25


“Just to Ask You” is a prayer.  Several of the songs I’ve written are prayers to God. Sometimes I get so involved in the tangible, immediate things of my daily life that I forget to ask for God’s guidance and help. This song is also a recognition of the fact that I truly NEED God, even though I don’t think it many times.


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